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Northern Mystery's Eos

Eos has loads of personality to say the least. An easy to handle girl, she has been everywhere from the show ring to the classroom, always leaving a positive impression on everyone who has the pleasure of meeting her.

Eos has placed in every class she has competed in, displaying a fine, crimpy fleece with a long staple length and a bright, soft handle. Her fleece has pleased more than one hand-spinner, with quite a few requests for it. Most recently, she was included in the Northlands Spring Show's Shearing demonstration (2012) and the spinners commented not only on its beautiful handle, but its cleanliness and ease of spinning.

Eos is a good sized female, with good conformation and a great bite. She has a beautiful head and great coverage.

A Rockamundo great-granddaughter, we are more than pleasantly surprised to see what her genetics are adding to our program. 

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