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Arien is the perfect fibre and companion animal. She is exceedingly friendly, well socialized and desensitized— she is as bomb-proof as it gets when it comes to alpacas. What's better, is that this amiable nature of hers seems to be entirely inborn— we have not had to spend any time desensitizing her or otherwise socializing her to make her friendly and manageable. She has no boundary issues, and is not a risk for BMS, she just happens to be a very tolerant animal!

Arien gets along fine with everyone, no matter the gender or species! She is very easy to handle, and was very easy to halter train. With her size and conformation, she should be no problem if anyone wanted to train her to pack or pull cart.

Arien is conformationally sound, with a tall frame. She is solidly built, with heavier bone structure and very straight

legs. She has a pleasing phenotype with full coverage, which is maintaining itself just fine on her extremities and her face.

Fibre wise, Arien is surprisingly dense. Her fibre is very soft, with nice lustre and good fineness. She is consistent, and is maintaining a good degree of character in her fleece as well. She maintains a long, heavy fleece, with her second fleece coming in at over four inches after only four months growth (And at the time of writing this, it has only grown!). She has minimal guard hair, even in her apron!

Really, she'd make a fantastic fibre animal for anyone wanting a female who will produce a ton of fine, downy, soft fleece. Even if fibre wasn't a goal, she would be a fantastic companion animal, 4H project, or just a simple pet. 

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