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Northern Mystery's Heracles

Heracles absolutely floored us all when he was born. Solid medium brown— the same shade as his Dam Eos's spots— with a single dark steel grey spot on his lower hind leg, and tight popcorn curls absolutely everywhere. We couldn't have expected a better result out of our Eos and Nero pairing.

Heracles is easily one of the nicest males we have ever produced. He is compact and upright, with his sire's noble carriage and flashy movement style. He has the strong bone structure we enjoy seeing in our animals— not overly heavy, being solid yet light enough to be athletic.

We just love Heracles' fibre. He has an extremely bright, nicely organized fleece with a lovely amount of density, especially given how fine he is. He has a bold crimp, medium to high frequency, with a higher amplitude than both Eos and Nero. His fibre feels like silk, no matter where on his body you handle him, with areas such as 

his legs and apron feeling just as nice as his blanket. The crimp in his fleece extends up his neck, into his cheeks and topknot— and down onto his legs and over his lower belly.

This little guy turns heads on the farm, and we hope he will turn heads once he his the ring this year.

AFD: 17.6 | SD: 4.2 | CV: 23.8 | %>30: 1.3

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



  • 4th, Yearling Male Fawn, Western Canadian Alpaca Championship Fleece Show

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