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Vida Loca Lasting Legacy

Buri was a quiet male, very calm and sweet natured-- there wasn't a mean bone in his body.

He had a beautiful fleece, full of high frequency crimp from his topknot to his toes, not to mention almost complete, full coverage; all set on a strong compact frame. Very fine, Buri displayed a good level of density to match. He had a rich, red-brown fleece that was very bright with a gorgeous, soft handle that could be felt even on the tips, while dirty.

Buri promised to be a fairly large male with a gorgeous head, straight legs, and a regal presence. He was already displaying the broadening chest of a future Macho, we were excited to see him mature, and to use him with our females.

He was a half brother to both Buku, Atlas and Mesc, combining the astounding genetics of both his parents, VLA Carmella, and Moe Joe-- there is no doubt that he and his lineage will continue to bring the promise of

colour for future breedings.

Buri was lost in the fall of 2013 to an attack by a nuisance cougar, who broke into his pen and killed him alongside one of his herdmates. Buri had a bright future ahead of him, and we are distraught to know that he will never get to see it. You're missed Buri, you were dearly loved, and we wish you could still be here with us and Buku.  

AFD:   | SD:   | CV:   |   %>30:



  • 3rd, Yearling Male Brown, A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show, by Judge Stephanie Glyptis


  • "Honorable Mention" Yearling Male Brown, by Judge Diana Timmerman, Farmfair 

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