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Vida Loca Buku

Buku is a handsome male, with a rich, maroon fleece and a lovely temperament. He has an upright, nicely proportioned frame with a pleasing carriage overall.

With brown on both his sire and dam's sides, Buku has inherited his dam's lovely maroon colour, and combines it with a very bright, soft fleece. His fibre is full of high frequency crimp that can be found from his topknot all the way down his legs. He has very nice density, and is maintaining a very fine fleece, despite his dark colour.

Buku is an intelligent boy, with a sense of mischief. However, he is extremely easy to handle and well behaved on the halter, and loves attention. He gets along great with all of his herd members, and has been quite happy to play the role of mentor/uncle to the yearling males more than once.

AFD: 23.5 | SD: 5.3 | CV: 22.8 | %>30: 10.8

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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