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VLA Mescalero

A more compact male, Mesc is very powerfully built with solid bone and a masculine prescence. Mesc displays not only density, but an abundance of crimp and coverage from head to toe as well. We are pleased to say that thus far his cria have been displaying these same traits as well!

His pedigree includes names such as High Plains Amadeus, Peruvian Pauco, PPeruvian Javier, Guellermo and Vengador. With his sire being High Plains Apache, Mesc not only has colour in his background, but grey as well.

Mesc has sired over twenty cria, and we are proud to say that all of them have been an improvement upon their dams! He throws the same colour, if not darker than the dams, and has proven that he can throw any colour, from white to grey to brown and black. His cria thus far have all shared the same crimp characteristics, with a medium 

to high frequency and amplitude crimp that goes from root to tip. His cria are all showing bright, incredibly soft fleeces with great consistency, and lots of density. We and the cria's owners are all absolutely thrilled with what he is producing!

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