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Alpaca is an incredibly versatile, eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative to traditional wool. Coming in 22 natural colours, alpaca fibre is prized for its silky smooth feel, and its lustrous appearance.

Alpaca fiber is on average stronger, lighter, and warmer than sheep's wool. Water resistant, alpaca fibre wicks moisture away from the wearer instead of absorbing it. Alpaca fibre has no lanolin, and can often be worn by those who are normally allergic to the lanolin in wool. The smoother hair-follicle structure in alpaca fibre also reduces its overall "itchiness", meaning alpaca can be worn against the skin with the utmost of comfort. Alpaca's unique thermal properties keep you comfortable regardless of the temperature outside.

At Northern Mystery Alpacas, our products are made entirely from Canadian alpacas. Our herd supplies the fibre that goes into every fibre product we offer. We ship via Canada Post, with all shipping calculations determined by the weight of the product. 

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