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Apollo is a light to medium fawn male with a beautiful varigated fleece that exhibits both lighter, silvery fawn fibres and darker, almost red ones roaned throughout. We're offering his entire 2017 fleece, lightly skirted and intact so that the buyer can take advantage of the colour variations within the fleece if they would like. 
Apollo's fleece is low grade 3 (Fine) and averages 2.5" - 3" in staple length. There is next to no VM or dust in this fleece, and as a whole it weighs 1.2lbs. This is a very soft fleece, with a comfort factor of 92.3% so it should feel awesome once processed.

2.5" - 3" Staple Length
Grade 3
Very clean, minimal VM or dust.
Lightly Skirted.

Apollo's Fleece

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