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Hello all! 

As you can see, our site is sporting a slightly different look. Our web provider thought it was time to "gently" nudge us into the future, as such the site has recieved a much needed facelift to bring it up to its most current platform. 

As a result, everything has been refurbished, and we have a host of new pages with new features now online. Animals pages now include multi-photo slide shows as well as some nifty, borderless tables featuring their information. Our "About Us" page has been updated into a new timeline format, and alpaca-related links have been added as well. New graphics, including a new header, as well as links to our new Facebook page have been put in place. We have updated our sales and stud list, so if you are at all interested in getting into alpacas through us, we have tried to make accessing this information and contacting us as easy as possible.

We hope you guys enjoy the changes and the new look, as we do have a few more minor updates to come. Keep an eye out here, subscribe, or like our Facebook page, as we will be keeping it up-to-date with all current and future site changes!

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