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Exciting Future Adventures

After a busy few days and a long, but scenic drive into British Columbia, we were pleased to send off several of our animals into a new home with exciting prospects. Although it is always bittersweet to see the animals we so very much adore find newer (and much greener) pastures, it is always wonderful when we know they are going to a good home where they will be well cared for an given opportunities that we cannot always provide on our own. We just knew Kim and her family would make the perfect home for this quintet when they came out for a visit and met the animals in person last week. 

So thank you so much Kim for your purchase of ECA Baxter, Mercury, AAC Athena, Vida Loca Hespera, and Northern Mystery's Selene! We know you guys are going to do a wonderful job, and we hope that you get many years of enjoyment out of these guys!

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