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Fall Updates

After what has felt like months of kerfluffles with technical difficulties and retrieving our images from our previous image host, we now are back up and running with fully functioning images again, and newly updated pages.

We have been quite busy all summer, and leading into the fall post shearing. Roxcene delivered a stunning baby boy on July 4th, the day after her expected due date, which has pleased us immensely. It is entirely possible that we are a little bit biased, but we are really liking how Erasmus is turning out. He is a quick learner, and very easy going.

We had to say goodbye to a member of our herd, Akatiri. Though, not for unhappy reasons. She has moved to a new home closer to the city, where she can enjoy spending time with a lovely group of ladies and their babies, and can soak up all the attention she loves with her new family. We are ecstatic that she has found such an awesome home, and we wish her and her now owners nothing short of the best!

We have been busy adding on to our facilities here at the farm which has been all sorts of fun this fall. We added several new, automatic waterers to each of our paddocks, ensuring everyone now will get a constant supply of fresh, heated water year round (and we no longer have to fill, clean, and refill the giant trough year round. Yay!). It does, sadly, come with the downside in that Nero will no longer have his own personal "bath tub", but we're pretty sure the other boys aren't complaining. We do have a pool for him which will be re-instated once things stop freezing, so it won't be a complete loss.

For now though, everyone is still acclimatizing to the freshly cold weather, and hoping it won't be a terribly long winter.

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