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Spring has Finally Sprung

Well, Spring has finally arrived for us (now, its just a case of waiting for the summer!).

We wrapped up shearing a few weeks ago, managing to finish the 30 some animals (Ours and boarders alike) in two days. We tried our hands at shearing our own guys for the first time, and succeeded with much luck, and some snazzy new hair-cuts for the few who were patient enough to let us learn and practice on them. 

With shearing over, the next hurdle of the season is birthing and breedings. We have at least six females pregnant. With the dog attack last fall, we had the misfortune of having some of the females reabsorb from the stress of the ordeal. Thankfully though we only lost pregnancies and not the dams themselves in the attack, else the losses could have been far worse.

Of the females due, we have a selection of Nero, Prudence and Triton babies queued, we're hoping the upcoming season is filled with colour and happy, healthy cria. 

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