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Shearing 2014

Shearing this year is finally wrapped up, after a weeks worth of animals. We sheared our own animals for the first time ever, with Tom operating the shears and the rest of us working the animals and fibre. He did a pretty snazzy job, if we do say so ourselves, and all the animals are not only looking nice, but feeling nice now that their winter coats are long gone and they can soak up the heat! He even did up a show fleece so that we could run it in the Olds Fibre Week fleece show, and it skirted up great! (hopefully it competes as well as it turned out!) Shearing overall did go slower than planned, with intermittent rain-showers putting a damper on our shearing speed, as we had to wait for animals to dry. 

It went even slower with the addition of our two newest members of the herd, little Prometheus (A fawn boy out of Angel and PGA Hummer) and Mercury (Another fawn boy, this time out of Hespera and Prudence) scooting around us and the table while their mums relaxed as we trimmed them up. These are the first two of the season, with at least another 2 being due later in the summer.

By the end of it, we sheared 32 animals over the span of a week, and pulled up an impressive haul of prime fibre, once it was all skirted.

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