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Cria season 2014

Cria season 2014 seems to be winding down, as the final two cria of the expected 4 pregnancys from last year are on the ground. As already mentioned in the previous shearing post, both Angel and Hespera graced us with two lovely fawn males out of Hummer and Prudence prespectively.

Next to drop was Armelia, with a stunning little fawn female out of Ernie and Denise's grey male Low & Order. In honour of her sire, we have decided to name her "Lady Justice", though her call name will be Themis, the greek goddess of justice. 

Finally, tuesday afternoon Samantha had her cria, another little fawn female, this time out of our very own Nero. This little girl was a looker, even when wet, with crimpy fibre that only got better as she dried off. Needless to say, we are excited about her and can't wait to see how she and the others mature. We have decided to name her Astraea, after another greek goddess of justice. 

Now that the birthings are done, we are going through the books and picking out the years breedings, which should hopefully be just as fruitful next year!

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