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Monterra's Bellana

Bellana is a queen among alpacas, if ever there was one. She has produced an array of fantastic offspring, with many doing well in the show ring, and the rest excelling in the ring with championship sashes upon their backs.

She is a female who produces quality over, and over, and over again. She was one of Battle River Alpaca's "Premier Alpacas", and we are ecstatic that they allowed her to come home with us to join our program.

Bellana is a female with presence. Very correct conformationally, she has a stout build and a nice head. She has a sweet temperament, and is very friendly within the herd. Her winning personality seems to run in the family, with her children and grandchildren all sharing her easy going, inquisitive nature, as well as her good looks.

Although we could find no show records of her in the ring, she does have a show legacy, with three produce of dam ribbons to her name, denoting the caliber of cria she is putting on the ground.  

AFD: 27.5µ | SD: 5.8 | CV: 20.9 | %>30: 23.4

2013 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



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