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BR Helios

Helios is everything we could hope for and more, coming from Bellana. He has compact conformation with pleasing bone structure— not too heavy, and not too fine. He has a lovely head, with large, expressive eyes, and just enough facial fibre that he retains the typey huacaya look we aim for, without being fibre blind.

Helios's fibre is what really sets him apart though. It is a beautiful light fawn shade, with just a tint of gold to it. When his fleece is opened, two things immediately become evident: the crimp style, with higher amplitude, high frequency bundles that spiderweb because they are so fine— and the brightness that goes along with. Helios practically glows, he is so bright.

His sire Neville Lake's Challenger, and dam Bellana did a wonderful job with this boy, which is a testament to their own quality and prepotency. As with many of our other animals, we cannot thank Ernie and 

Denise Gamroth enough for giving us the chance to add their fantastic genetics to our herd. Helios is very much proof of their sound breeding decisions. We have little doubt that Helios will be successful in the ring, and in the breeding shed when the time comes.

AFD: 17.1 | SD: 3.4 | CV: 20.0 | %>30: 1.1

2017 Yocom McColl


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