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RFA Allure

An older girl, Allure is an experienced female and a proven dam. She consistently produces beautiful cria, many of whom have done well in the show ring, and are going on to be proven producers as well.

Although she is white, she throws colour astonishingly well, with fawn and even modern grey progeny on the ground.

Her production abilities aside, despite her age, she is still maintaining a respectable fleece. It is still very nice to handle, and we have little doubt that it will still be very nice to work with.

Allure is a good sized female, and an excellent dam. She is well mannered, and cooperative when being handled. Overall, we really like her disposition, and are extremely excited to be able to welcome this full peruvian dam into our herd. 

AFD: 25.3µ | SD: 4.8 | CV: 19.0 | %>30: 12.3

2013 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


  • RGA Naxios

  • BR Law & Order

  • BR Mai Tai's Delight

  • LM Allure's Sangria

  • LM Gabriella's Dream

  • BR Heir2ALegacy

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