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BR Heir2ALegacy

Legacy is a testament to the breeding program she comes from. She has an amazing fleece, with fine, tight popcorn crimp and a buttery soft handle. We just cannot get over the density of this little girl, or the fact that her crimp extends from her cheeks down through her legs.

Her dam Allure is a proven producer of both colour and quality. With several ribbon winning cria on the ground, including some pretty hefty males who are making their names as studs, it stands to reason that Legacy comes from a good background.

When we look at her, we see that she is maturing into a lovely animal. She is quite upright in her posture, and moves like royalty. While not as hefty in her frame as her year-mate Themis, she still has a pleasingly solid frame. She has a lovely phenotype overall, and we couldn't be more pleased to have her in our breeding program.

Now, when her fleece is opened is when you can really see the quality inherent in her genetics. This girl has a lovely, high frequency, high amplitude crimp style that is uniform across her fleece— including her lower legs, neck, into her topknot and even up in her cheeks. He fleece is bright, and buttery soft, with well organized locks throughout. Legacy is at once consistently fine, well organized and dense, and her cria are carrying on these traits in spades!

AFD: 20.4 | SD: 4.5 | CV: 22.3 | %>30: 2.5

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



  • 4th, 2yr old Female White, Western Canadian Alpaca Championship Fleece Show


  • Northern Mystery's ShyneOnBrightly

  • Northern Mystery's Inti

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