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(The Original Six) 

 In 2008, we were introduced to the world of alpacas when Tom brought home four for Christmas. Before long, four had turned to six when we were introduced to the larger workings of the alpaca world, that included the registration system, shows, and of course, their fibre. Their easy to handle, even sometimes outright friendly natures continued to draw us in.These all piqued our interest, and before long we were neck deep in it all, going to shows to help out, and eventually to show our own stock, and with the purchase of our first starter-herd of registered females, we started breeding.

We have been immersed in alpacas ever since. While many of our original herd still reside with us, we have since grown from that first six to a rough size of thirty to thirty-four animals, at any one time. With infusions of various bloodlines into our herd, we have been slowly picking away at finding out which males produce the best offspring when paired to their corresponding females, and then trying these cria in the ring. Our herd is diverse in both its bloodlines and its colours, with animals ranging from white to black, and all colours and patterns in between.

We don't kid ourselves, we know we are still very "new" to the industry, and are always putting ourselves in positions to garner knowledge and build our way up as we go along. We have been fortunate to make many lovely friends along the way who have taught us much, as well as supported us in our efforts. With their help, we have selected animals that we love, and feel are providing us with an awesome foundation for us to work from in years to come.

 (One of the first "Fruits" of our labor.)

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