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AAC Serenity

A quiet, solemn female, Serenity is a shorter, stockier female with good bone and very nice coverage. Her fibre is beautiful, with wonderful handle, density and lustre, and she continues to maintain a nice degree of fineness. She really is just a beautiful animal overall, with a pretty face and a quiet temperament.

Even into her breeding years she is maintaining her fineness, which needless to say this isn't a very big surprise, considering that she is a Rockamundo granddaughter. Serenity is a girl we were told over and over again to get into the ring, and although we never got the chance, we have been very happy with what she is producing.

AFD: 26.9 | SD: 4.9 | CV: 18.2 | %>30: 22.5

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


  • Northern Mystery's Eclipse ​

  • Virtue

  • Northern Mystery's Ostera

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