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AAC Prudence

 Prudence had a very rough start to life, being an late fall/early winter birth. He was orphaned and subsequently became a bottlefed, with little hope for surviving. However, he has come a very long way, and is now a perfectly healthy, robust male, and is Paityn's pride and joy.

Although not an overly tall male, Prudence is very nicely built with solid bone and balanced conformation. His fibre is not only dense, but has also remained wonderfully fine, with his histogram at 18mths coming in at only 21µ and maintaining a comparable fineness even into his breeding years as his micron increased to 23.2. With bold crimp, soft handle as well as a very long staple length from topknot to toes, Prudence is a wonderful male with great promise.

He has a very mild temperament, and has been used as 

a PR animal for the local elementary schools in the past-- he loves children and is extremely gentle and tolerant with them (and the females!). We are pleased to see that this temperament is being passed on to his offspring. Thus far they all display very mild demeanours, and have been absolutely fantastic to handle.

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