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Our Dogs

 Along with Alpacas, we also own (and occasionally breed) dogs.

If you are interested in getting a Boxer or a Bullmastiff of your own, Adora Kennels breeds Bullmastiffs, and Falconhurst Kennels breeds Boxers, and is part of the Boxer Rescue.

*New* 2/10/2014: We have been informed by Don at Adora Kennels that he has several litters of bullmastiff puppies now available to new homes. Live video streams of them can be seen here

Our Dogs

Maori (Adora's High Definition)

Our resident Bullmastiff, Maori is a hefty girl with an intimidating build. She has a nice, wide head and a light apricot/dark fawn coat. Bred by Adora Kennels, out of Ch. Toros Bring on the Bull (Jax) and Ch. Lawson's Adora's New Beginnings (Lola), Maori is a beautiful testament to her lineage. 

(Maori at 3 months) 

Ali (Falconhurst's Classic Moments)

Our first Boxer, Ali was bred by Falconhurst Kennels out of CAN Ch. Monahan's News To U Falconhurst (Maggie), and CAN USA Ch. Berlane's Joint Venture (Dylan). A beautiful plain brindle girl, Ali is a calm, elegant girl with a shapely, almost aristocratic head, and a very motherly nature. 

(Ali after returning home from her first show, where she took Winner's Bitch) 

Delphi (Skybearer's Oracle of Delphi)

 Delphi is Ali's daughter, resulting from a breeding between Ali and Ch. Falconhurst's Hot Off the Press (Weasley). A flashy fawn female, Delphi is a gorgeous dog, full of energy and extremely athletic not only in behavior but appearance as well. Delphi is more robust then her mother, though just as tall, she does take after her dad in build.

(Delphi and Ali)


Our resident Rottweiler, Toson is our outdoor guard dog, protecting the property and animals from both animal and human threats until Maori is old enough to help out as well. 

In Loving Memory

Caban (Manates Caban) 10/2/2000 - 6/8/2011

Our first Bullmastiff, Caban was a beautiful silver brindle girl with a stunning coat and build. Our friend, our guardian and protector, Caban is dearly missed every day.

Tucker 11/1/1997 - 12/17/2010

A rescued Old English Mastiff, Tuck came to us in rough shape, with a severe fear of men and children. However, we are proud to say that with work, he finally grew to at least tolerate the presence of strange men and children, while accepting our family fully. Our previous guard dog, his presence around the farm is dearly missed.

Spartacus (Skybearer's Spartacus)

Our second Bully, Sparts came to us as a young puppy, only living with us a short time. Although it was much too short a time, we grew to love him dearly, and still miss him very much.

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