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Northern Mystery's Octavia

Octavia is a lovely little female. She is bright and active, with a lovely temperament, fleece and conformation.

Her fleece is quite fine, with a nice level of density. She has a very long staple length that extends consistently throughout her blanket and over her body. She is a lovely shade of light fawn that carries throughout her blanket with minimal fading. She has a high frequency crimp style that is not dissimilar from that of her sire, Nero— that is more medium in it's amplitude.

Octavia holds herself in a manner that commands attention— much like her parents. She is upright in her stance, and has lovely proportions. She does not have an overly full-fibred face, although she promises to have fully fleeced legs like her sire, and has an overall attractive appearance. We are really pleased with Octavia, and expect her to do well as a producing female.

AFD: 25.4 | SD: 4.9 | CV: 19.3 | %>30: 14.6

2019 Alpaca Consulting USA | Histogram History


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