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Moai had a beautiful bright, fine, crimpy fleece, with an amazingly soft handle and a very long staple length— it was always a pleasure to handle. He had wonderful conformation and a great bite.

Moai was a very smart, friendly male, who went through puzzle toys like they were going out of style. He had taken to obstacles for obstacle courses very well, and was a quick study. He was in the process of being clicker trained for a myriad of other behaviours. Moai was just a joy to handle overall, getting along great with both people and alpacas alike.

Moai was a companion animal to the weanling and yearling boys. We needed an animal with a good disposition who could act as the good "uncle" to the younger males, until they are of age to move in with the big males. We were very pleased when we were able to purchase this male who fit the niche we needed him to perfectly from Battle River Alpacas. I can never thank

them enough for bringing this little guy into our lives, however short lived his "visit" was.

He was the personification of the motto "A Huggable Investment", showing that alpacas do have the capacity for mutual human companionship, without the crossing into "berserk male" territory. He truly seemed to enjoy the presence of humans as much as he did alpacas, and he seemed to trust humans in a manner comparable to any dog.

Moai passed away January 19, 2014, suddenly and unexpectedly. His passing was a hard blow for everyone— although he was never destined to be a breeder or a contribution to our breeding program, he was still a dearly loved companion to humans and animals alike. Anyone who met him will have seen his warm, friendly personality and known how much he was adored.

Always the first to greet everyone, Moai was in some ways more like a dog than an alpaca in his behaviours. Moai, you are sorely missed. You know how much you were loved and adored, we wish your time with us could have been longer. 

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