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Northern Mystery's Mercury

Merc is a cute male with a bright, soft fleece and a boxy, medium boned frame.

Mercury is a beautiful light fawn, with red accents on his face and legs, and minimal fading in his blanket. He has good density and handle to his fleece, as well as a great degree of fineness and a lovely handle. We find that he is maintaining his fineness into his subsequent fleeces. If he stays true to Prudence's type, this fineness should remain well into maturity. He has a medium frequency, medium amplitude crimp style.

He has a nice wedge-shaped head with no muffling. Mercury also sports a quiet, amiable personality without vices. He does not kick, and is quite easy to work with, willing to trust you in anything you ask of him.

He comes from two coloured parents, both of which have coloured backgrounds as well as awesome fleeces themselves. His sire, Prudence is one of the densest males on the farm, and is maintaining a very fine fleece even into his breeding years. His dam, Hespera, comes from a long lineage of quality, with Captain Nemo as a grandsire, as well as El Alto as a great-grandsire. Her Granddam, April consistently produced large, conformationally correct cria with lovely fleeces, a tradition which Hespera seems to be continuing on with. Both Hespera and Prudence are among our friendliest, easiest going animals, and this temperament is reflected in Mercury.

Thank you Kim for welcoming Mercury into your family! 

AFD: 20.7 | SD: 4.3 | CV: 20.7 | %>30: 2.1

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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