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Northern Mystery's Hafaza

Hafaza is a compact, robust male with an abundance of dense, crimpy fibre from head to toe. Compact, but upright in his frame, Hafaza is easily a contender for future herdsire, and we are excited to add his genetics to our herd. We were absolutely stunned to receive his 2020 fleece results from SGS, with him coming in at 13.5 microns, with a curve of 78.4 deg/mm!!

The first one to greet you at the gate, and quite vociferous as to his opinions on things, this male combines Angelica's outstanding temperament with Velvetier's phenotype, and overall we are pleased with his development.

So far he is displaying a very uniform, very fine fleece with a high frequency, medium amplitude crimp style and coverage from head to toe. He put on an excellent show first time out the gate at the Futurity and 2019 Spring shows, earning very respectable 2nd and 3rd places in some highly competitive light classes!

AFD: 13.5 | SD: 3.3 | CV: 24.6 | %>30: 0.6 | Curve: 78.4

2020 | SGS | Histogram History



  • 3rd, Junior Male Light, A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show

  • 2nd, Junior Male Light, CNASF

  • 4th, Yearling Male Light, Majestic Alpaca Showcase 

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