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WAF Diego

Diego is a striking, conformationally correct male. He is a beautiful combination of quality in terms of his fleece, his build, and his temperament, with the potential to become a substantial macho within our herdsire lineup.

Diego is an attractive fawn and brown multi, with an exceedingly fine fleece (especially his fawn fibre). He maintains a nice degree of brightness, as well as a beautifully soft handle— we have no doubt that his fibre will be as much of a pleasure to work with off of him, as it is to touch while on him.

Conformationally, Diego looks like he is going to be a large male with solid bone structure. He is compact, upright, and really just nice to look at, both on and off the lead.

Temperament wise, Diego is an absolute sweetheart. We are extremely appreciative of the hard work that Charter's put into training this boy, as his lead manners are lovely. He is wonderfully personable, friendly animal, with a curious nature and a willingness to work.

Diego is also introducing a new set of bloodlines into our herd, with Pistachio, Peruvian Apollo, Giotto and Amadeus all in his background.

AFD: 22.3 | SD: 5.1 | CV: 22.8 | %>30: 6.6

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



  • 1st, Yearling Multi, Northlands A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show


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