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The Artist

Paityn is an award winning, up and coming artist who specializes in animal artwork. She finished her 30 level art courses with honor level grades, and for the past several years has been accepted into the Red Deer College Summerscapes program-- her art has been exhibited in its art show, and even used as examples for new students of the program. She works both in traditional mediums as well as digital graphics, and is capable in most mediums. Currently she offers artwork for sale, as well as private commissions and portraits. If you are interested in seeing more of her art, examples can be seen in her portfolio. If you are interested in having custom artwork made, feel free to contact Paityn here, or through our Contact Us page. Her resume can be downloaded here.

Basic Commission Prices

Traditional Media

Available for all species, in Acrylic or Watercolour paints, charcoal, conte, graphite, copic/watercolour marker, pastel, ink, cut paper, as well as clay or wire sculptures. Prices do not include the cost of framing or shipping and handling.

  • Small/medium charcoal/conte/graphite portrait (no larger than 8 x 11") $30+$20 for background +$10 per additional subject (+ $13/hr)

  • Large/extra large charcoal/conte/graphite portrait (8 x 11" +) $50 +$30 for background +15 per additional subject (+$13/hr)

  • Coloured cutpaper with charcoal: $30+$10 per additional subject (+$13/hr)

  • Small/Medium acrylic/watercolour painting with basic background (no larger than 8 x 11") $50+$10 per additional subject +$10 for a detailed, landscape background (+$13/hr)

  • Large/extra large acrylic/watercolour painting with basic background (8 x 11" +) $70 +$10 per additional subject +$7 for a detailed, landscape background (+$13/hr)

  • Graphite "concept type" sketches (No background) $15 +$7 per additional subject (+$13/hr)

  • Watercolour washes with black ink $20 +$10 per additional subject (+$13/hr)

  • Copic or Watercolour marker portraits (Minimal to No background) $30 +$10 per additional subject (+13/hr)

  • Clay Sculptures $150 +$50 painted +$30 haired* (+$13/hr)

  • Wire Sculptures $100 (+$13/hr)

  • Needle Felted Sculptures/scenes** $150 +$3 per additional unnatural colours +$5 for bead or glass eyes (+$13/hr)

  • Customized portrait Models/replicas -- See below section.

  • *For haired sculptures, hair is available in black or white mohair, white or brown horse hair, or white, brown, black, fawn, grey or brown varigated huacaya alpaca fibre, as well as limited colours of merino wool.

  • ** Available in huacaya alpaca fibre as well as limited colours of merino wool.

Digital Media

All digital pieces are completed in Adobe Photoshope Elements 4.0, on a Wacom intuos3 tablet. Digital graphics are great for websites, as well as can be requested to be transferred to a fine-art, canvas or photo print, as well as other media such as puzzles, coasters or mugs.

  • Website or Ad graphics starting at $5

  • Flat coloured, forum avatar or signature images: $10 +$5 per additional subject

  • Photomanipulation (touch-ups, cutouts, inserts) starting at $10

  • Complementary touchups (Ear, and leg correction, red eye reduction and minimal debris cleanup) available for animals we have photographed at shows: Free

  • Illustration portrait with minimal background: $30 per subject (+$13/hr)

  • Illustration portrait with detailed background: $50 per subject (+$13/hr)

  • Pixel Graphics with minimal or no background: $50 +$10 per additional subject +$15 for animation (+$13/hr)

  • Logo design starting at $20

Example Pieces

Within this gallery you can see various examples of both digital and traditional pieces, of varying sizes.

Please click to view gallery of Example pieces.

With this gallery you can see examples of the different photo editing services I can provide for use in graphics to best represent your animals.

Please click to view gallery of Photo Manipulation Examples. 

Custom Model Portraits

Along with more traditional pieces, Paityn also offers custom model portraits of alpacas. She does not sculpt the piece herself, but takes Safari ltd. models, and will resculpt, repaint, and otherwise edit the model to look like an animal supplied by a portrait. The result is an OOAK model that can be as fantastical or realistic as you would like. These models come in two sizes, Adult(3.75" x 3.75"), and cria( 2" x 2.5"). An adult, custom piece starts out at $15, while a cria starts out at $10. Halters, leads, blankets, collars and bandanas can also be ordered, depending on buyers preference. These range in price of $1 - $3, depending on the complexity and colour of the tack, and if a name is to be included with it.

The models are a solid, rubbery-type plastic, durable enough for use by children, and detailed enough for use as a stand-alone sculpture. They are first primed in gesso, then sanded down, resculpted with any manufacturing imperfections such as seams, crooked limbs, or uneven legs fixed. Fibre, features, even anatomical parts, can be added with epoxy, or, other features can be changed or even removed as the portrait calls for. They are then re-gessoed, and hand painted in acrylics and pastel, to be sealed in matte krylon spray, with the eyes glossed to look lifelike. An undercoat of iridescent medium can also be requested, to suggest brightness within the coat.

Airbrushing is also an available option for models, however the finishing time may increase.

However, if a custom portrait isn't what you are looking for, premade generic customs are available on our products page range in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

An example of a first gesso coat primed adult and cria can be seen here.

Other models can be requested, both for dogs as well as horses. Depending on the scale of the model, and its availability, prices may vary. However, in general a classic size (1:12 scale) model can be customized and repainted in your choice of acrylic, airbrush, pastel or mixed media for approx. $75, not including tack. A traditional scale (1:9) can be similarly customized and repainted for approx. $100. Model horses and dogs are generally modified from Breyer, Schleich or Safari models. Examples of some previously customized pieces can be found here, here and here. These models will rarely be available as generic premades, though you can keep an eye on the products page should any become available.

Our Featured Animal

Vida Loca Nero

Fawn Huacaya Male

Stud Fee: $1000

D.O.B.: 8/5/2007

ARI: 30993143 | CLRC: 34756

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