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Northern Mystery's Selene

Selene is almost a carbon copy of her dam colour wise. She shares the same rich, dark bay black fleece that Athena has, with the lighter throat latch and armpits, which, if she is true to Athena's type, will make skirting what little guard hair she has from her blanket excessively easy.

Selene is a friendly, easy to handle female with pleasing conformation. While she isn't as heavy boned as her sire, she does have a fairly heavy structure compared to her dam, as well as nice proportions.

Selene sports a very long, fine fleece that is so bright, she looks as though she is always wet. She has a crimp style more similar to her dam, being more lower in its frequency and amplitude. 

Selene has plenty of colour in her background, with grey and fawn along her sire's side, and a range of blacks, fawns, and rich browns on her dam's side. If she holds true to Mescalero's type, she should produce colour easily, especially since he seems to throw the dam's colour or darker in his pairings.

Thank you Kim for welcoming Selene into your family! We just know she is going to do wonderful things for you guys!

AFD: 20.5 | SD: 4.0 | CV: 19.5 | %>30: 2.7

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


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