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BR Chaz

Chaz is a sweet male with a beautiful personality and an equally beautiful fleece. Chaz is loaded with colour, not only phenotypically with his rich, dark coat, but through his lineage as well. He is a robust animal with a compact, upright frame, solid bone as well as a handsome gait.

His fibre is a rich, fine fading black that just glistens in the light. With definite steel grey markings in his underbelly, and along his neck, we believe he may be able to throw grey as well. Crimpy and soft, he consistently grows long stapled, heavy fleeces. His 3rd fleece measured at only 18.2 microns, and maintained a comfort factor of 98.4%. He has coverage everywhere, with a dense topknot and full face, and heavily covered legs.

He is a reserved male with a kind and quiet disposition,

 doing his breeders farm justice in continuing to produce alpacas who are as huggable as they are said to be. Chaz is easy to work with, and behaves wonderfully no matter his company.

As previously mentioned, he comes from an extensive lineage of colour, with Amber Tucker (A Turk son) as his sire, and Armelia (an Ares Granddaughter) as his dam. Both animals did very well in the ring, and have produced exceptional progeny. We have no doubt Chaz will impress us in the breeding department himself.

AFD: 22.7 | SD: 5.3 | CV: 23.6 | %>30: 7.8

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


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