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Vida Loca Big Bang

Paz was a surprise, having been born without anyone having any idea as to just who her sire was. However, we've since found out that he is the handsome Vida Loca Nero.

Somewhat a contradiction, Paz's call name means "peace", however, her pasture antics of explosive pronking and her large size, led us to register her as "Big Bang".

She has a nice, dense fleece with a beautiful handle, nice crimp and a pleasing colour (and, interestingly enough, a rose grey spot on her shoulder). She has coverage to spare, and continues to produce a lovely, almost roan coloured fleece.

Conformationally, Paz has matured into a large, highly correct female with perfect legs and a fantastic presence overall that she passes on to her cria. She is an excellent mother with ample milk and the perfect disposition to raise well-rounded, friendly cria.

AFD: 24.1 | SD: 6.4 | CV: 26.5 | %>30: 14.2

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


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