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BR Prometheus

Prometheus is a handsome, golden fawn male with a soft, crimpy fleece. He is very, very solidly built with a large, conformationally correct frame. He is already maturing into a large male, towering above his year-mates, both male and female.

He has a very long fleece, with a good degree of density and lustre. He is fine, with a soft handle that everyone appreciates. We are really liking how his fleece is maturing, as he maintains a higher amplitude and frequency crimp style that organizes into bundles across his blanket.

Prometheus has a very nice temperament. He is 

easy to handle, and is very much a personality on the farm. He is the first boy to greet anyone at the gate, and will be your unending best friend if you offer him treats.

He comes from awesome bloodlines, with Padro and Captain Nemo on his sire's side, and Bonito and Golden Boy on his dam's side. His granddam is a noted producer of quality cria with many show winners as well as produce of dam awards to her name, and his own dam is walking in her footsteps as one of those ribbon winners. With a lineage such as this, it is not hard for us to see where Prometheus' good looks come from! We are really liking how he is turning out, and have no doubt that he will be an asset to our breeding program.

AFD: 22.2 | SD: 4.6 | CV: 20.5 | %>30: 4.6

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



  • 4th, Jr.Fawn, Northlands A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show

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