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Ellayo is an energetic male, and is the herd patriarch. He keeps the other males in line, and takes it upon himself to keep the smaller and younger males from being picked on by the larger, rougher boys. We wouldn't be able to house all our boys together without him!

An exceedingly quick, tolerant learner, Ellayo didn't need halter training, but lead perfectly from the very first time it was placed on him. He is also a master of latches, and every other form of escape, he loves to find his way out of the shearing pens to head back to the boys pasture on his own. He is currently being trained to pull a sled.

AFD: 30.2 | SD: 6.9 | CV: 22.8 | %>30: 40.5

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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