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Northern Mystery's Anasazi

Anasazi is a even tempered, friendly female. She is more robust than her sister, Astraea, but nonetheless feminine in her appearance. We are quite pleased with how she is maturing, having not yet hit the "ugly duckling" stage, she has been an attractive little girl from the get-go. She holds herself like royalty.

Her fibre is quite nice as well. She is very fine, with a medium frequency, medium to high amplitude crimp style. Her fleece has a beautiful handle, and plenty of density.

Anasazi is a pleasant combination of both Mescalero and Samantha's better traits. She seems to have Mescalero's solidity of frame, without being too heavy of bone; as well as his density and beautiful eyes. She is consistent like Samantha, with her more feminine phenotype, docile temperament, and overall fineness.

Given Mescalero's parentage, we expect Anasazi to be capable of throwing colour. Mescalero excels as bringing the colour out in the females he is put to, and she is no exception to the rule.   

AFD: 16.4 | SD: 3.7 | CV: 22.4 | %>30: 0.7

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


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