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FTP Astraea

Pretty, petite, and friendly, Astraea does a very good job reminding us of the quality of her lineage. She is very much a Nero daughter. With ample coverage, an upright, well proportioned frame, and that lovely high frequency crimp we've come to expect from his cria, she is a testament to his prepotency.

Astraea's fleece is light fawn in colour, with minimal fading. She is just absolutely covered in high frequency, medium to high amplitude crimp from her topknot to her toes— and it is all set on luxuriously soft, fine locks. She is upright in build, and moves beautifully. With Nero's phenotype, and his fine, high frequency fleece and Samantha's own fineness and consistency, this little girl was set up for the best of luck before she even hit the ground.

Her parents aside, this little girl has some seriously big names in her family tree.

Captain Nemo and Aztec Avatar are her grandsires, with Victor's Vaccoyo, Hemingway, El Alto and Pachacuti taking their place as extended family.

Overall, Astraea is an extremely promising little female. We have no doubt that she will do her parents proud. 

AFD: 17.2 | SD: 3.5 | CV: 20.3 | %>30: 0.9

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History



  • 3rd, 2yr Old Light, Lloydminister Alpaca Showcase

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