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Northern Mystery's Erasmus

We knew the moment he hit the ground that Erasmus was going to be everything we could have hoped from pairing Roxcene with Bocelli. He displays both parents stellar temperaments, as well as a fantastic fleece and phenotype.

Covered from head to toe in crimpy white fleece, Erasmus' displays his sire's lustre, length and crimp style, paired with Roxcene's density and organization, producing bundles of just fine, silky soft fleece that we are excited to work with.

Much like Bocelli, Erasmus seems to be more of a medium built animal with a lovely head style. He is square in his stance and quite compact overall, very much like his dam in this regard. He is a very alert animal with an upright head carriage, and an excellent disposition overall.

Erasmus is extremely easy going and sociable, just like his parents. This boy will do anything you ask of him willingly, quietly and without hesitation. He hasn't a single cross bone in his body, making him an absolute joy to work with both on and off lead. 

AFD: 20.3 | SD: 3.7 | CV: 18.3 | %>30: 1.4 | Curve: 51.1

2020 | SGS | Histogram History



  • 1st, Best Male Head, A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring Show

  • 4th, 2yr Old Male White, Majestic Alpaca Showcase

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