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Vida Loca Atlas

Atlas is a docile, tall male with great density, handle, as well as high amplitude zipper-like crimp. He has great conformation, straight legs and a deep chest. Heavy boned, Atlas is a fantastic, masculine looking macho who we can't wait to start working on the girls. We couldn't be more pleased with this boy— conformation and fibre wise.

With Moe Joe as his sire, and Oprah as his dam, Atlas hails from a strong, sought after genetic pool that includes names such as Lionel, Vladimir, Zhivago and Ice Man.

At his first show in the 2010 Northlands Alpaca Odyssey he took 3rd in a class of 12 for intermediate white, the only stipulation the judge had for him was his love of posing-- Atlas would much rather stand and strike a pose in the ring then deign to walk anywhere that he doesn't want to. 

AFD: 26.7 | SD: 5.2 | CV: 19.4 | %>30: 20.0

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History


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