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Northern Mystery's Apollo

Apollo is nothing if not handsome. He is a Nero son, out of our bay-black female Athena. Medium fawn, Apollo is a beautiful example of what his sire can produce. He has an abundance of long, pencil-lock fibre that feels like down, and lingering fineness. He has a well defined, high frequency crimp that extends from his topknot to his toes.

Apollo is sturdily built, with straight legs, top line and a good capacity to his chest. He has an erect carriage and a smooth gait. To top it off, he has the most agreeable temperament, both on and off the halter.

We really like Apollo in terms of his personality, his conformation and his fibre. He is friendly and highly food motivated, making him a breeze to work with. He is one of our absolute favourites. However, because we have both of his parents, and he is such a carbon copy of his sire, his use with us is limited. 

AFD: 16.8 | SD: 3.1 | CV: 18.6 | %>30: 0.8

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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