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Northern Mystery's Akatiri

Akatiri is a pretty little girl with loads of colour and coverage.

She is a dark brown, with deep red tones in her fleece. She has an upright carriage, a square build and very straight legs, making her a pleasure to look at, especially when she moves. She also has the most coverage of any animal we have ever had born on the farm, with long, thick fibre everywhere, right down to the toes.

Akatiri comes from a coloured background, with her Dam, Tulip out of the modern grey macho, MRS Jaguar, and her sire, Triton, being a rose grey macho, grandson to Rockamundo.

Akatiri has a fantastic temperament and that alone would make her an ideal pet or companion animal. Her fibre is surprisingly soft, with good density and crimp. It is a rich, deep brown with minimal guard hair, even into the apron. 

AFD: 31.3 | SD: 5.8 | CV: 18.6 | %>30: 51.5

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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