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Northern Mystery's Remus

Remus was the the best of both his parents. He carried Nero's fleece characteristics including fineness and density, as well as his dam Flora's higher amplitude crimp. He was an animal with a bold, fine and well organized fleece. Physically, he had been stunning since the moment he hit the ground, with an upright posture and the overall gait and carriage of a king. He had a very masculine muzzle with a very typey profile, not to mention gorgeous dark eyes. 


Temperament wise, he was one of the most endearing of the yearlings. Very easygoing he was easy to halter, handle and walk, and was very curious and forgiving. He was quite happy to greet visitors at the gate.  


Unfortunately, we lost Remus to an infection over the summer. He'd picked it up from a bad tooth in the early spring, and despite our best efforts to treat it, he never recovered.

He was a gorgeous animal, and a kind soul— he will be dearly missed. 

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 Medium Fawn
 Deceased 2015