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Registries & Associations

As breeders, when we say we are members of various registries and associations, we are affiliating ourselves with official networks which help provide a framework through which the Canadian alpaca industry operates. These registries and associations provide the structure and support which not only helped bring alpacas into Canada, but has also put our industry in a position to be taken seriously and to grow. They provide guidelines that inform us of the best practices, not only in breeding but also in husbandry; set standards that give us room to grow; and help bring the community together so that we can learn from and support one another. 

Outlined below are the registering bodies and associations we are members of, with basic information as to what benefits each organization has to offer anyone, who is interested in owning and raising alpacas— be it as pets, fibre and breeding stock, or show animals.

The Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA)

The Alpaca Owners Association (AOA)

Alpaca Canada