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Vida Loca Big Bang

Paz was a surprise, having been born without anyone having any idea as to just who her sire was. However, we've since found out that he is the handsome Vida Loca Nero.

Somewhat a contradiction, Paz's call name means "peace", however, her pasture antics of explosive pronking and her large size, led us to register her as "Big Bang".

She has a nice, dense fleece with a beautiful handle, nice crimp and a pleasing colour (and, interestingly enough, a rose grey spot on her shoulder). We look forward to seeing this girl full grown-- we think she will make a stunning adult. With Nero as her sire, and April as her dam, we have high hopes for her within our breeding program.

 Peruvian Captain Nemo
 Acero Marka's El Alto
 Shala Ben
 AVA Dovis Livewire 028J
 PPPeruvian Auzengate 6010
 PPPeruvian Azul Celeste 4865
 Wild Rose Grand Slam
 DLA Tito
 AVA MME Dovis Bien 144

AFD: 24.1 |  SD: 6.4 |  CV: 26.5 |  %>30: 14.2

2017 Yocom McColl | Histogram History

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Service Sire
 Medium Fawn


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