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BR Hunter

Hunter is a promising young male with a large frame and beautiful, rich colour. His fleece his rich and soft, with high amplitude crimp, and a good degree of density. His fibre is bright, and just beautiful to look at.


Conformation-wise, Hunter is a large male with a masculine stance.  He is wide in the chest, with solid bone structure. Straight legs, a balanced build, and a fluid gait make Hunter an eye catcher before you even have the chance to open his fleece. We aren't the only ones to notice, with judges consistently noting his conformation, sometimes even describing it as superior to the animals placed above him!


Needless to say, conformation and fibre wise, he looks every part the Macho that we hope he will become, as he prepares to take his place amongst the herd sires of our farm. 


He has a sweet personality. He is on the shy side, but once he gets his bearings he is an easy going, well 

mannered boy.  We are pleased to have him on our farm, and look forward to seeing the kind of cria he will produce for us.

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AFD: 27.9 |  SD: 5.0 |  CV: 17.7 |  %>30: 27.1

2016 Yocom McColl | Histogram History 

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