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Vida Loca Hespera

Hespera is very easy to handle, will stand or kush, and allow you to do anything you want with with her, from trimming her topknot and tail, to picking up her feet. 


Hespera is a lovely female with a boxy frame and upright build. Hespera always manages to pack on a large amount of fibre, with coverage from topknot to toes. She has a beautiful vicuna coloured head, with large doe-like eyes and full coverage. She displays both a higher frequency crimp as well as a pleasing handle.

Hespera is an excellent mother like her dam and sister before her, and one of the friendliest faces on the farm!

Thank you Kim for welcoming Hespera into your family!

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AFD: 23.06µ |  SD: 5.97 |  CV: 25.9 |  %>30: 9.5

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 Medium Fawn