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Cher came to us as an older girl, pregnant with Buku after having made it quite clear that she simply would not stand to be left open. She was a pleasant female, easy to handle, easy to catch, polite on the lead and always quite patient. She was a wonderful dam, always reserving the utmost of care for her cria (who thankfully, seem to have all been an improvement upon her). Although not much to look at herself, we appreciated the look she seemed to pass on to her cria. Buku, like his dam, is a strong maroon brown, sharing her same dark face and points.

Despite her age, her last remaining months you would not have believed she was an elderly animal. She moved well, with no stiffness or hesitancy. She spent the better part of the previous summer chasing Buku in a panic 

every time he would wander too far from the vicinity. She was alert and insistent when it came to her meals. Even when it became difficult to maintain her weight, and we needed to separate her for feedings, she remained ever patient and willing.

Even with the bad haircuts we subjected her to, as we were afraid to leave her with too little fleece before the coming winter months (and she because she too special efforts to ruin more blankets than not), she was ever the matriarch amongst the herd, and always quite dignified.

Sadly, Miss Cheri had a stroke on May 20th, 2012, and we had to say goodbye. She was a good girl, and will be missed dearly. 

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