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Photo Gallery

Pasture Pics Pasture Pics Grass is Always Greener... Eos looking over at the boys, trying to get their attention. (2011) 145253426 Hespera and the Cat Buddha came over to visit Hespera-- they cuddled for a good long while before he wandered off. (2011) 145253427 Itchy Rock scratching himself. (2011) 145253428 Scratchy Serenity scratching herself (2011) 145253429 First Shearing Hespera after her first shearing-- we wanted to try and leave her face intact, it eventually shed out, but while it was there, she looked like some sort of lion alpaca! (2010) 145253430 Llama and Not-a-Llama Prometheus (Alpaca) and Boog (Llama), post shearing, 2015. Here you can see some of the differences between both lama species. 198884760