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BR Alto

Alto was a friendly little male with lots of potential. Full of colour, he was a light silvery grey with lots of dark rose grey apaloosa spots. His fibre should be absolutely gorgeous handspun, and we were pleased to see that he was covered with a multitude of small, grey spots after shearing.


Fibre wise, he was very fine, with a consistent crimp style across his blanket, and across his colours. He was very soft, and very bright, and his fleece carried a very, very long staple length that we hoped would continue into his future fleeces.


He was very solidly built, with a nice square stance and upright carriage. We expected him to mature into a very handsome male, and with his 

lineage we didn't doubt that he would. He was out of BR Law & Order, a beautiful modern grey macho with a lineage and show record that proves he is as nice as he looks. His dam, Shahkell is equally beautiful, with a pretty brown coat and a lineage that is packed full of colour as well as popular names such as Snowmass Shatoosh. Between her lineage, and Law & Order's own ancestry (including one of the top colour producing studs in Canada, Pokemon brew), Alto was a promising young male.


It is with a heavy heart that we must report the loss of Alto. He passed away after suffering a twisted gut over the summer of 2014— despite our best efforts, there was nothing that we nor the vets could do to save the little guy.  

 BR Law & Order
 Sunnyhill's Skor
 Snowmass Quechua's Shatoosh
 RFA Allure
 Rosita Grey
 Pokemon Brew
 Snowmass Quechua
 DEA Karmel's Kandy
 Snowmass Olay
 Jolimont 2Peruvian Viracocha IMPB98
 RGA Graham
 Jolimont 2Peruvian Alicia IMPB98
 WRLA Ambiance

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 Harlequin Silver Grey