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Spring 2017

Posted by Paityn on June 22, 2017 at 5:35 PM

Finally, after two weeks of shearing (and more than a little bit of waiting for the rain storms to subside) we are pleased to say that everyone is now tastefully naked and ready for summer (by everyone, we do mean the alpacas!). 

Now that shearing is completed, the next hurdles we face are both breeding and birthing season. We're expecting two babies this season-- due any day now. Roxcene was bred to Bocelli last year, and she is coming up due on the 3rd of July. She is uncomfortably large these days, with knobby knees and what we are pretty sure is a nose, sticking out her sides and now pressing up under her tail. The other girl we are waiting on is Samantha, who was bred to Nero. She isn't due until the beginning of August. 

In the interest of ensuring the girls and future babies get to make the most out of the summer growing season, we've chosen to breed a little earlier this year, aiming for late May/early June cria for next year. Bocelli has made his first set of rounds, covering Legacy, as well as Aurora and Zoya. We have a few more breedings to do this summer, but for the most part, we are just wringing our hands anxiously awaiting the arrival of this years cria. 

Web Updates

Posted by Paityn on September 16, 2016 at 5:35 PM

Hello all! 

As you can see, our site is sporting a slightly different look. Our web provider thought it was time to "gently" nudge us into the future, as such the site has recieved a much needed facelift to bring it up to its most current platform. 

As a result, everything has been refurbished, and we have a host of new pages with new features now online. Animals pages now include multi-photo slide shows as well as some nifty, borderless tables featuring their information. Our "About Us" page has been updated into a new timeline format, and alpaca-related links have been added as well. New graphics, including a new header, as well as links to our new Facebook page have been put in place. We have updated our sales and stud list, so if you are at all interested in getting into alpacas through us, we have tried to make accessing this information and contacting us as easy as possible.

We hope you guys enjoy the changes and the new look, as we do have a few more minor updates to come. Keep an eye out here, subscribe, or like our Facebook page, as we will be keeping it up-to-date with all current and future site changes!

Shearing 2015

Posted by Paityn on May 24, 2015 at 3:40 AM

Prometheus (Center) and Baxter (Far Left) wondering where their treats are.

Shearing Season, 2015 is officially over. Everything went without a hitch, with the wonderful aid of Ernie and Denise Gamroth from Battle River Alpacas, who were so kind as to come up and spend the weekend with us visiting and trying to teach us to shear (I hope we are not too much of a lost cause!).

Needless to say, our alpacas are appreciating the haircuts.

Maurice, enjoying the breeze.

The Llamas are enjoying their new haircuts as well, although they are not as handsome as the alpaca boys. When we rescued them, we could see that they had not been shorn in a long time (for some, if ever), on top of not having been handled. It was a long haul, but we finally managed to convince them that we were not trying to kill them, and they even began to enjoy it once they realized that the hand-shears were taking some of the weight off their shoulders. They even seemed to enjoy the post-shearing brushing.

Next step for the year will be birthing season, which we are awaiting on baited breath. In the meantime however, we have lots of fibre to play with!

Northlands Spring Show

Posted by Paityn on April 2, 2015 at 7:15 PM

The 2015 show season kicked off last weekend for us, with the Northlands A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring show. We took 7 animals down to Edmonton for the weekend to enjoy the show, and we are pleased to say that the show itself was an awesome success (even if none of our guys did anything, it would have still been an awesome weekend). 

As I'd said, we took 7 animals down, with it being a pretty even split between both boys and girls. Bocelli, Hunter, Prometheus and Diego were our male representatives, while Angelica, Themis and Astraea tried their luck for the female herd as well. Overall, things with them went well-- Bocelli, Hunter and Diego were all exceptionally well behaved (its so weird, its almost like they've done this before!), and all three managed to take home ribbons in their classes. Bocelli won 1st in 2yr. Old Male Light, and went on to compete in the supreme championship round-- Hunter won 2nd in 2yr. Old Male Brown, and would go on to compete for reserve in the colour championship round, and Diego won 1st in his class, for Yearling Male Multi (sadly, there weren't enough animals for them to include the multis in anything extra D: ).

The last four animals all competed as well, although they were much more nervous during the show. It was understandable though-- for the three babies it was their first time off of the farm, and in a much more stimulating, loud environment than they were trained in, and for Angelica, it was only her second show, and she was certainly missing her herd (as was chronicled with her repeated attempts to velcro herself to her nearest competitors in the ring.). However, it turned into an awesome learning and training experience, and overall they did exceptionally well as well. Themis won 4th in Jr. Female Light-- Astraea made a good effort, but ended up losing to Themis in this same class. Prometheus also won 4th, this time in Jr. Male Fawn. Angelica made us very proud, taking home a 1st in Yearling Female Fawn, and putting up a good effort in the supreme championship round. 

The rest of the show was awesome as well. We met many wonderful people as they filtered past our pens, and we enjoyed helping educate the students who came through looking for information on their related school projects. 

We are looking forward to a productive show/shearing/birthing/breeding season this year. We have plans to come down to the Futurity this year (we actually have animals who qualify this year, which is awesome!), and are excited to get last years cria on the shearing table so that we can see just what they look like under their baby coats. Thus far we have been extremely pleased with our babies from last year-- all five are looking wonderful, and have some of the most impressive fleeces yet that we've seen on cria we have raised ourselves! 

We're also expecting a good crop of cria this year, with some of our best boys covering the best of our girls last year. Hopefully, we will have some more pictures to share soon!

Cria season 2014

Posted by Paityn on July 3, 2014 at 2:45 AM

Cria season 2014 seems to be winding down, as the final two cria of the expected 4 pregnancys from last year are on the ground. As already mentioned in the previous shearing post, both Angel and Hespera graced us with two lovely fawn males out of Hummer and Prudence prespectively.

Next to drop was Armelia, with a stunning little fawn female out of Ernie and Denise's grey male Low & Order. In honour of her sire, we have decided to name her "Lady Justice", though her call name will be Themis, the greek goddess of justice. 

Finally, tuesday afternoon Samantha had her cria, another little fawn female, this time out of our very own Nero. This little girl was a looker, even when wet, with crimpy fibre that only got better as she dried off. Needless to say, we are excited about her and can't wait to see how she and the others mature. We have decided to name her Astraea, after another greek goddess of justice. 

Now that the birthings are done, we are going through the books and picking out the years breedings, which should hopefully be just as fruitful next year!

Shearing 2014

Posted by Paityn on June 12, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Shearing this year is finally wrapped up, after a weeks worth of animals. We sheared our own animals for the first time ever, with Tom operating the shears and the rest of us working the animals and fibre. He did a pretty snazzy job, if we do say so ourselves, and all the animals are not only looking nice, but feeling nice now that their winter coats are long gone and they can soak up the heat! He even did up a show fleece so that we could run it in the Olds Fibre Week fleece show, and it skirted up great! (hopefully it competes as well as it turned out!) Shearing overall did go slower than planned, with intermittent rain-showers putting a damper on our shearing speed, as we had to wait for animals to dry. 

It went even slower with the addition of our two newest members of the herd, little Prometheus (A fawn boy out of Angel and PGA Hummer) and Mercury (Another fawn boy, this time out of Hespera and Prudence) scooting around us and the table while their mums relaxed as we trimmed them up. These are the first two of the season, with at least another 2 being due later in the summer.

By the end of it, we sheared 32 animals over the span of a week, and pulled up an impressive haul of prime fibre, once it was all skirted.

Cria Season!

Posted by Paityn on November 13, 2013 at 2:05 AM

Well, Cria season is officially over and the girls are back hme to settle in for the upcoming winter, with babies at side.

Despite the dog attacks last fall, we only had two reabsorptions, resulting in seven babies in total on the ground. Athena was the first to drop, giving us a fantastic little fawn male out of our newest herdisre Nero-- and man, is Apollo a stunning little guy! He is an absolute doll to work with, with a fantastic personality and fibre to match-- he is going to be one to look out for in the rings, we are sure of it!

Next was Serenity and Flora, both decided to drop on the same day. First was Serenity, in the early morning gracing us with a blindingly bright beige female whom we have decided to call Virtue. Virtue will have been sired by our brown male Prudence, making her his first baby on the ground, and she too is a looker! Her fibre is very, very dense, and very, very soft, doing both her parents justice.

Flora went into labour soon after Virtue had started attempting to walk, although she unfortunately needed some assistance, as Remus had one foreleg bent, which needed repositioning before poor Flora could continue with the birth. Thankfully, both Mum and baby were fine and healthy, with Remus being a sturdy, quite large cria. He too is out of Nero, and is a rich fawn colour with soft, crimpy fleece more remniscent of the older-style that Flora has.

Paz was next to drop, having a pretty easy birth, considering she was a maiden. She gave us a handsome bay black male who would have been out of Triton-- Poseidon could have been a contender for the show circuit, as he was unbelievably dense and soft. However, he died about a month later after being killed by an intruder who had broken into the pen on an ATV. 

Asteria gave us a little white male whom we have called Cuzco. He has a very inquisitive personality and is full of energy-- despite the hiccup that was his birth (Not only was is pouring outside, but Asteria had confused Cuzco with Remus, and believed that Remus was her baby instead!) However with a little coaxing and some quality mother/son bonding time, his road had smoothed out considerably, and he is growing like a weed!

Tulip was the last to drop, giving us a dainty little brown girl we have named Akatiri. She is unbelievably soft, and very bright, with a very pretty, feminine phenotype. She should be gorgeous looking as she ages.

We had the good fortune of adding some new members to the herd as well, with the addition of three new females and their babies. We welcomed Angel, Armelia and Shahkell to the family this fall, with many thanks to Ernie and Denise Gamroth who were so kind as to give us the opportunity to get our hands on such lovely, quality coloured females! These girls all came with babies at side, all three of which are just stunning! Angel's daughter Angelica is a fawn girl out of Ernie and Denise's Rum Runner, who is already a proven male at producing award-winning offspring. Looking at Angelica, we see no reason why she too isn't going to be a spot-light stealer in the ring as well. Armelia brought with her a beautiful little Amber Tucker son, Chaz. Chaz is a friendly little bay-black boy who is nearly inseparable from his buddy Alto, who happens to be Shahkell's son. Alto is a gorgeous little appaloosa boy (with hints of grey everywhere!) out of BR Law & Order, another one of Ernie and Denise's absolutely fantastic herdsires.

We have seriously high hopes for this years cria crop-- it is amazing to see what our own animals are capable of pruducing, with this being the largest group breeding we have ever done. This gave us the opportunity to see just what our maidens could produce, and gave us a great opportunity to test out prospective herdsires as well.

Speaking of future herdsires, Asher was inducted into the breeding males "inner circle" this summer, with his first experience settling females all on his own. He was given his own girl who he managed to settle all by himself first try, so we are hoping that he was successful in his attempts. If he was, we can hopefully expect to see a baby out of Vi next year. While this was going on, Nero had Samantha and Saharah all to himself for several breedings, and Prudence was allowed to breed Hespera in hopes of producing another gorgeous baby next year.

Spring has Finally Sprung

Posted by Paityn on May 31, 2013 at 4:40 PM

Well, Spring has finally arrived for us (now, its just a case of waiting for the summer!).

We wrapped up shearing a few weeks ago, managing to finish the 30 some animals (Ours and boarders alike) in two days. We tried our hands at shearing our own guys for the first time, and succeeded with much luck, and some snazzy new hair-cuts for the few who were patient enough to let us learn and practice on them. 

With shearing over, the next hurdle of the season is birthing and breedings. We have at least six females pregnant. With the dog attack last fall, we had the misfortune of having some of the females reabsorb from the stress of the ordeal. Thankfully though we only lost pregnancies and not the dams themselves in the attack, else the losses could have been far worse.

Of the females due, we have a selection of Nero, Prudence and Triton babies queued, we're hoping the upcoming season is filled with colour and happy, healthy cria. 

Spring Show Season

Posted by Paityn on April 20, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Well, we kicked off this year's spring show season with a bang.

Despite the massive amounts of snow still on the ground, we hauled a few animals up to the city for the A.L.P.A.C.A. Spring show, where we had entered both Asher and Buri, as well as planned on picking up a new addition to the farm, BR Rum's Bocelli. 

The weekend was fantastic, the weather semi-cooperative (and much warmer, as the City was actually experiencing a little spring, unlike home), with the boys bringing in ribbons from the start. Buri, finally deciding that his disappearing tricks were a little old, allowed the judge to inspect him and managed to reel in a 3rd for us, making us quite proud. Our new addition, Bocelli, was sadly alone in his first class. The judge commented on how sad it was he didn't have any competition-- however, despite this he still managed to place first, and went on to the supreme championship round.

Now this is when everyone was stunned, as our little guy managed to snag Supreme Male Champion, above some extremely tough competition including seasoned, champion males of varying ages. Everyone was surprised, and beyond stunned and pleased.

Of course, his earning such a high honor (and proving the fantastic breeding behind him by his breeders, Ernie and Denise Gamroth!), meant that he couldn't come home with us that weekend, as originally planned, as he was going to go on to the futurity the next weekend.

He also cleaned up at the CNASF, pulling a 2nd in his class (a very large one as well!) and earning best handle for his class, we were beyond elated to be able to see him continue to do well. The little guy did come home with us that weekend, christening the new truck as he rode in the backseat watching G-Force with the kids in the back as well. 

Before I continue on, I just wanted to thank Ernie and Denise for allowing Paityn and our farm the honor of owning such a fantastic guy. We can never thank you enough, and are and will be forever grateful. 

Fall Updates

Posted by Paityn on December 11, 2012 at 5:35 PM

First off, we would like to welcome Roxcene, Sahara and Samantha as well as their cria to our farm. They are all wonderful females, and we look forward to giving them a wonderful home. We would also like to welcome Baxter and Asher, both of which are males who we are quite happy to be adding to our breeding program! Thank you very much Bill and Jessie Chernoff! 

Our fall show season is finished, with a few ribbons to the tally. First was the Olds Fleece show-- for this we entered our very first eve show fleece, which was off of Prudence. He managed to take a 2nd place at Olds-- and his fleece went on to compete at the International Alpaca Odyssey fleece show, where it took another 2nd. 

For the Farmfair / Alpaca Odyssey show, we brought down 3 males: Asher and Buri, as well as Prudence. Asher was the only one who has had show experience before, while Prudence and Buri were both first timers. Asher took home a 3rd place in the Yearling white class, much to our surprise and joy! Prudence also surprised us by taking a 1st place in the mature male grey class (due to his grey spots), and continued to please us throughout the weekend by playing PR animal for the local children and groups. Buri almost placed, receiving an honourable mention in the yearling brown class, understandably with it being his first show he just wasn't cooperating enough for the judge to place him (although she said she wanted to!), he did do well enough to be brought into the final line and to be mentioned in the judges comments. 

Overall it was nothing short of a fantastic weekend.

Regretfully, we did lose our two oldest herd matriarchs this year-- both Cher and Oprah. It just isn't the same around here without them. We all miss them greatly.